Monday, July 7, 2014

Family Time

It's been a lovely past few days. The girlfriend is out of town so the teenager is around more often. I don't say it out loud but, like yesterday,  I came into the kitchen and he was just sitting there. On his phone playing whatever, but he was in the room. So I asked do you want a pb sandwich? have you seen this printout of what you should be eating? bowl of cereal? yogurt? milk? powerade? and he took it all as he sat and I put dishes away.

Yesterday we went to church then ate lunch at the Angilos in Goshen, Bubs said that one is best, then picked up some things from my parents while Hubs fixed something they've been struggling with having to do with electric. Actually Bubs helped just as much and he talked to them about it since he's been working with his grandpa and electric. Then we headed home and Bubs drove me and him out to the driving range for a bit. We stopped at a garage sale and I get teary eyed when he looks around with me instead of hanging out in the car. Back home we get an unexpected visit from family so we clean like a mad dog on a Sunday, not happy about unexpected visits. Then they leave and a football coach comes over to talk football with Hubs and Bubs hangs around. Then he heads out to play BBall at the clubhouse with a friend and I read on the porch, The End of the Point. When he gets back I feed him again and he heads to bed.

Saturday was equally lovely. I spent the morning on the porch and a large fox went hopping through the back field. I'm hoping he makes a return visit. Last week while walking the dogs I saw a little deer laying just under the tree line. Peaceful. Finally I got the boys to get out of bed and we all went to Taste of Belgium in Clifton. Not as good as my and Bubs first visit but the trip was nice. We then went to Kenwood and Bubs exchanged his shoes, I spent more of my gift card and we ate again. We spent an exorbitant amount of time in shoe stores.  On the way home we stopped at Paradise Ice for the 2nd time. I'm telling you this stuff is the bomb! Then home and visited a friend's cookout, then took the dogs and the boy out on the pontoon for fireworks. They were troopers. The teenager made me especially proud because he went to a friend's party, found out the parents were out of town, and he came home. He came home. Breathe. He's going to make it.

Friday was the 4th of July and we all went to the parade. The teenager drove separately because a friend of his has been hanging out here the last few days and the teenager is driving him back and forth home to take care of his animals. But the came to where we were and watched the parade with us. My best friend from high school met us there with her family of 4 little ones. Blanchester's 4th of July Parade is honorable. It is also the best time for those who are back in town to walk the street downtown and mingle. I love seeing past students and their babies. Adorable.

Thursday we all went to Yo's pool. We met at the Root Beer Stand, not quite as good as I remembered, but good. The weather wasn't cooperating but it was fun. I actually played with water guns with the boys for a long time and it was really fun. Sat in the hot tub. Helped Yo with her craft room. Generally just hung out. We took the boys to the mall for a bit or actually they took us. The boy loves to drive Yo's convertible. Also the guy with us had never ridden in a convertible or gone to Orange Leaf so we checked both off his bucket list. The kid was friendly and talkative. Very enjoyable to be around.

Wednesday I met a friend for a 6 mile walk on the Loveland trail and an iced coffee. I really wish we lived closer. We just chat and we think alike and we reassure each other that we are ok.

Sipping...  a homemade creamer
Listening...  Lake Street Dive
Reading... The End of the Point
Sharing... a recipe for homemade creamer, Lake Street Dive music video
Watching... just finished the only 2 seasons of Life on Netflicks

Saturday, June 28, 2014


There is nothing more peaceful than my porch. The sounds, the smells, the beautiful scenery- it is balm to the soul.

I have not trusted myself to write for awhile. I'm struggling this summer. Feeling a little overwhelmed about how to get everything done, organized, cleaned, how to shoulder all the responsibilities.

I have, so called, friends who have been very judgmental lately and I don't need that. I'm tired and I'm lonely even though I am surrounded by family and friends.

I'm catching up on my Bible reading and constantly reminded that the one who I was supposed to be reading with on this plan gave up on  me. Not a good feeling. But I have been catching up at my own pace and trying to not to let that bother me. But it does. I'm tired of being acting disappointed every time I fail. Or I forget. Lend a hand people. Have a heart and some compassion. Life is hard and we need encouragement not judgement or disappointed looks.

So I've been looking for something uplifting to watch on television/netflicks to help me relax. And I've noticed, there is nothing relaxing on television. Crime, apocalyptic, and drama that's what's on television.

Bub got 3rd place in the adult division of the FLW circuit. That's a good showing. A paying slot.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Summer is sprinting by. I am doing things and getting things done but I feel weird.
Boys leave Sat morning and I going to scrap hopefully Sat-Sun with the dogs we will see how that works.

meal plan: water, green smoothies, eggs, nuts
walk the dogs, work out print- Jessica videos,

Article to share:
Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Sipping: Caramel macchiato

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love Nest

Sunday lounging...
Sam's last day with us here at the Love Nest. We celebrated by watching Analyze This, having a green smoothie, and scrapbook organizing. It was quite good.
Yesterday Marina had to go in for emergency tooth/mouth surgery yesterday and it was sad. So glad she is ok.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The perfect day...
reading daily affirmations wall and pinterest everyday
coffee on the porch

Got moving on the house today...mirrors, glass, toilets, dust

Judgement and Grace keep popping up in my mind lately.
I'm seeing people not give grace to others but just judgement or the refusal to be friendly. Why? It has to take more negative energy to act that way. I want to strive to be friendly even with strangers. I think sometimes this appears two faced because I've opened up to close friends about my frustration with certain people just to then turn around and be friendly. Therefore I vow to stop cutting on people behind their backs, stop participating in the negative talk. I need to live by the adage that if you wouldn't say it in front of them don't say it behind them. No one wants to be talked about negatively behind their back. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Porch Perfection

I forget in the winter how much I enjoy the porch and spending my mornings, afternoons and evenings here. I have plenty of things I can do from right here. In my next life I'm working from home and I will work on my porch! The sounds are incredible all day long. The crickets that I remembered being out at night are actually out all day.

So the person from the unfortunate post continues to perplex me.
I hate feeling as though I've disappointed someone but in this case I do not feel at fault. I'm tired. I don't need one more person defining how I should behave. At a recent gathering she was standoffish and I was uncomfortable. I'm tired of it quite frankly. I don't like feeling like someone thinks I'm acting inappropriately. I want to be around those who help my being.
I don't feel the need to be around people who are judging me or trying to get me to be the person they want me to be. I think that's because I am ok with who I am. I don't need someone else's approval. I don't like the feeling that gets me in the pit of my stomach when I'm around judgmental, negative people. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Road Trip

We left around 6pm on Friday and traveled through Louisville, Nashville

We stayed on the south side of Birminghm. We made it to the Florida line by 1:00.

Yolanda says we are difficult, snooty travelers. I don't agree. You just need to know the truths...
Eat the free breakfast, you never know when we'll eat again. 
The car will be traveling quickly and erratically. 
Preventative pee when given the chance. 
If we are going out to shop or just to pick something up-it might b awhile. 
We won't beg you to go- we don't care. 

You will pay your own way. We work for our money. We are not looking for sugar daddies.